RPG Table Online – Where Are The Players

Understanding RPGTable Online

I am actually using this by the way. I have noticed that a lot of players are having trouble understanding how it works and they need help with rpgtable online to the extreme ultimate maximum of the entire universe. First off, I am not going to go over the whole process of how to use it unless you are in desperate need of me doing so. If you want to know more about it in greater detail, just attend one of my campaign sessions or find me during one of my game building days.

The purpose of this post is to help people understand if somebody is even there in the game. Personally, it is really hard to tell. If you say something and nobody responds, chances are there is nobody online.

Does that mean to quit on the campaign? Heck no! Do not quit. Instead, use the opportunity to create a character for when the campaign actually really starts.

Are Players Even There?

You are probably wondering why it shows the names on the left side. As I have pointed out in my dnd gaming page on Facebook as well as in my campaign itself if you look at my DM Notes, the names on the left side represent the players that have signed up for the game session. That does not mean that they are currently online. I was fooled by that the first time also.

RPGTable Chat   Box

To top it off, you may also see text in the chat box. That is pretty much saved dialog and that does not mean that someone just now said something to you.

My Purpose

Look, the game seems like it is kind of useless at first, but in reality it is a pretty useful program. You just have to get a feel for all the features. Do you have to pay to use it? Absolutely not. Am I an affiliate of those guys? Nope. I just want to play a campaign and learn 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons.

As I learn the mechanics of the game, I hope to teach others about fourth edition also. Maybe show them the ropes of rpgtable online as well.

Sure, you could try openrpg, but that is kind of limited for usage if your isp is blocking your ip so other people can not reach it. For me, I have to have a middle man – someone else’s server to host my campaigns and stuff.

What To Look For In Open Campaigns

Before I finish this brief post, I was wanting to explain the Open Campaigns sections at the website. If you are ever unsure what is going on with the campaign, please check the Details and the spot that says Next Start Time. Most people tend to overlook that. Details shows what type of system is being used and Next Start Time shows when the next campaign will be played. If it does not show today’s date, then it is probably not being played today. Although you may see the Dungeon Master hanging out there when he is getting his game together. I usually put my campaigns together on most days of the week around night time.

If you ever need any assistance, please leave a comment below, visit my facebook page, find me on google plus, or leave me a message in the chat box of whatever campaign I am running.

My game master name is dmjack92 in case you were wondering. It is the same name for google plus.

The Dungeon Master


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