About Me

About Me

About Jakob KattnerI have played Dungeons and Dragons since I was 18 years old. I tried playing at a younger age, but my brothers wouldn’t let me for some reason. Anyway, I not only played the games, I also ran the games as Dungeon Master. Believe me. I do know quite a few things about the game.

It is also very fun to relax and hang out with friends regardless as to what game is being played. Shoot you can even play Dungeons and Dragons with family members. I remember playing it with my Dad, my Mom, my brothers and even my sister. Years later I played it with my son. A few months ago I even went out and bought the board game – the cooperative version.

Do I know how to play the game? Why yes I do. Why else would I start my nickname with the letters dm? DM stands for Dungeon Master. That is me DM Jack (or Audacious Jack if you prefer).


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