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medieval lady with a swordToo Many Characters Can Be Overwhelming

There are a myriad of characters in the game. Wow! We have a bunch of classes, races, and to top it all of there are monsters. How is one to be able to even remember all of them? You are probably thinking a grandmaster like me is able to keep them all stored in his head. Yes, you are right. I can. No just kidding. I only remember some of them. The trick to being good at the game is not having a super brain to store all the information. It is all about proper resources.

I will go over all the resources with you and explain all the characters that you are having trouble finding in your mass library of books, so that you can be the best dnd character builder in the world. I will even break down the variations of the characters. Yes, there are different version of the characters. This is especially true when it comes to expansion and other versions of the game. How many versions? Well, I tell you I thought I had it down pat at first, but then they come up with another one. Where are they at now? Dungeons and Dragons 4.0? Last I remember I was still on Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition.

I Will Resolve Your Character Choosing Problems

No worries, I will keep researching the newer versions to keep this topic up to date as best as I can. It may take a lot of reading and effort on my part but I do not want to give out incorrect information.

If you have want to go over any characters you do not understand or just want to help me learn about a character I was not aware of, be sure to let me know by leaving your suggestions below or by shooting me a message. I would be happy to help in whatever way I can.

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