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My Personal Experience with DnD

I have played the Dungeons and Dragons game for many years and I am here to personally give you suggestions on how to make your gaming experience a better one. I know reading the materials for the game can be somewhat overwhelming at first. Trust me. I know how it feels at first. I have gotten tons of books for the games. To top things off you have to get different types of dice for it.

Play As A Player

Well there is an easier way to handle these problems. You start with just doing one thing at a time. First, step will to be a player. Once you have been playing the game for idea with just one book, The Player’s Handbook, a lot of the basic information will begin to sink in. Yes, there is indeed a lot of things that can be learned from that book. Then, we will move on to the book for a Dungeon Master. It adds more in-depth info about how the game operates as well as describes items used and how to handle monster encounters.

I Will Guide You

Now, there are tons more books that I could mention, but that may take awhile. It may be useful to stick around as I explain all these books and even offer suggestions on how to come up with optional rules to enrich your gaming experience.

If you have any suggestions or want to share your own optional rules that made the game easier for you or made it seem more exciting, please let me know in a comment below or even shoot me a message.

Your Fellow Gamer

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