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Ghost On Stairs With Candles
Below I have created a bunch of monster classes for anybody to use. I primarily was using them for my own campaign, but it may be useful for you as well. One of them in particular was the ghost class which I applied to my own dnd campaign because I had a player character that died. To keep her adventures going, I decided to implement the system I took from both the Savage Species and The Book of the Undead. A few things I took out of the Monster’s Manual as well.

You also do not have to follow the rules in those optional books to the teeth. There may be moments of reading something that is unclear or may not apply to your current situation. For example, I had a player with a drow elf rogue who became a ghost. By the rules, you are suppose to take away a rogue class level and replace it with an undead level. Due to the complexity of a drow racial class being intertwined with the rogue class, I decided to break the rules and take the level from the drow class level instead.

Just remember though, that something needs a level taken away for an undead class to maintain balance. Otherwise, a player will be gaining a bonus level without earning it through experience. That would be unfair to the other players – if any.

Adding More Feats

I also want to point out the confusion with adding feats for a monster classes. Well, it really isn’t that confusing but can be at first glance. In reality it is being treated like any other character. The feat is gained at 1 hit die and then third hit die and so far. The big difference is the terminoligy is more raw as it does not state an actual level like in the Player’s Handbook. If you think in terms of hit dice rather than character levels, it will become more clear. Basically the feat shown in the below table and in other custom monster tables are assuming that the player character is starting out as a monster without a standard or normal racial class. In which case, follow the feats shown below.

So as an example, Jimmy the Dwarf Barbarian is level 3 and becomes a ghost. He is now a dwarf level 2 barbarian/level 1 ghost. As he levels up his ghost, he will not get his next feat until ghost level 7 (2 hit dice (2d12) from his barbarian class and 4 hit dice (4d12) from the ghost class). His total character level will be 9 though. Normally, a person may think the feat gain would be at character level 6, since technically the character level of gaining another feat would be level 6. Unfortunately, that is not the case with monsters as their hit dice are not always increased at every level like with normal player characters.

Also, remember that level 1 feats can only be gained once. You do not gain another feat when you pick up another level 1 class for multiclassing. I apologize for the inconvenience, but that is just how it works. After all, multiclassing is done by character level and not by class levels.

Ghost Monster Class 

Alignment: Any.

Religion: Any.

Ghost Lands: Prime Material Plane and Ethereal Plane.

Automatic Languages: Common and/or the primary language of their original race.

-Racial Traits-

Starting Ability Score Modifiers: Charisma +2

Speed: Fly speed of 30 feet (6 squares)

Darkvision: Up to 60 feet

Favored Class: Best Multiclass for the Ghost is the Cleric or Sorcerer.

Feats: Will start out with one feat. The next feat gained will be at 5th level.

Undead Traits

Incorporeal Traits

Ability Score Issues: Player will still roll up constitution and strength, but the undead half is treated as if it has no constitution score. The Incorporeal half is treated as if it has no strength score.

Healing: Negative energy (such as an inflict spell) can heal it. Resurrection and true resurrection can affect this creature. These spells turn it back into the living creature it was before becoming undead.

Bonuses: It has no natural armor bonus. It has a deflection bonus equal to its Charisma bonus (always at least +1, even if the creature’s Charisma score does not normally provide a bonus).

Pass through Objects: It can enter or pass through solid objects, but must remain adjacent to the object’s exterior. It cannot pass through a force effect.

Can normally only wield ethereal objects and ghost touched objects.

-Class Skills-
Starting Skill Points At Level 1: (4 + Int Modifier) x 4
Class Skills: Hide(Dex), Listen (Wis), Search (Int), Spot (Wis)

Prestige Classes Eligible to Take: Ephemeral Exemplar, Lurking Terror, Tomb Warden

-Class Features-
Draining Touch: Gained at level 3. Against living targets, it drains 1d4 points from a selected ability score and the ghost heals 5 damage. Strength modifier against ethereal and dexterity modifier against nonethereal on the attack rolls. No modifier on damage rolls.

Manifestation: Gained at startup. This is pretty much going from the ethereal plane and making a translucent appearance on the material plane. Spells only function properly in the material plane when a character uses manifestion. The ethereal planes can be effected by spells at all times whether manifested or not.

Frightful Moan: Gained at Level 5, range 30 feet, the target(s) must make a will save or panic for 2d4 rounds. It is based on sonic necromancy, is mind affecting and causes fear. The same effect can not be repeated to the same target(s) for twenty four hours.

Corrupting Touch: Gained at Level 2, 1d6 damage points against living creatures and the dexterity modifier is applied to attack rolls and not damage. Attack and damage modifiers are from strength (instead of dex) against ethereal beings.

Corrupting Gaze: Gained at level 7, target: living creatures, range 30 feet, fortitude save or take 2d10 damage and 1d4 Charisma damage.

Turn Resistance: Start at +2 Turn Resistance at level 1. It increases to +4 Turn Resistance (2 turn resistance + 2 turn resistance = 4) at level 5.

Rejuvenation: Rejuvenation will only be successful with a level check (1d20 + ghost’s HD on the chart below) against a DC 16. For example, a ghost is level 7 with four hit dice and he get a roll of 13. He adds 4 from the hit dice and it results in 17 total. He is now able to return to life. If he failed, he would die permanently as hitting 0 hit points is normally grounds for disentigration as stated in the Book of the Undead. This rule applies regardless of the plane of existance (unless there are special rules in the Outer Planes such as being in a Deity realm where ghosts just plane die regardless). Days of restoration decrease as the character levels up. Rejuvenation ability is not gained until level 2, so the ghost needs to be careful in his first baby steps of being undead.

Elite Ghost:

Becoming an elite ghost is pretty simple, just rise up to a level 10 ghost. When you reach level 11 then you will start getting the abilities of the Elite Ghost in addition to the stuff you already learned as a ghost. Does that mean you have to wait until level 20 before continuing your other multiclasses? Absolutely not. As a level 10 ghost, your monster development is officially complete and you can start working on your standard classes again. Level 11 to level 20 are meant as a way of further developing your ghost character while you develop your standard classes at the same time. After reaching level 20, you may wish to either become an Epic Ghost or seek to be a quasi-god or demigod in the outer planes. Your ghost class has the option of staying during Divine Rank 0 and Divine Rank 1 at the DM’s discretion of course.

Elite Ghost Class Features:

Spell Resistance: At level 12 you gain spell resistance 17 + every monster class level after level 12.
Magical Radiance: gained at level 11. You can now cause magic items within 60 feet to glow white. The illumination is a 5-foot radius and last for 2d4x10 minutes.
Acid Resistance 10: gained at level 18.
Cold Resistance 10: gained at level 14.
Fire Resistance 10: gained at level 15.
Electricty Resistance 10: gained at level 19.
Turn Resistance goes up by 2 at levels 11 and 17 and up by 2 every 4 levels after level 18
Faster Rejuvenation: Instead of rejuvenating in 2d4 days where you left off at level 10, you can rejuvenate in 1d4 days at level 16. Elite ghosts are really tought to get rid of and have much determination to guard their territory.

Epic Ghost Class Features:

Well, if you made it as far as a level 19 or level 20 ghost, then you are pretty much ready to take on the epic ghost class. If you are a level 20 ghost, you should be at a spell resistance of about 25, +8 Turn Resistance, and a Rejuvenation of 1 to 4 days. And I am going to tell you that is about to get even better. Your turn resistance is still going up past this point as well as your spell resistance. The even better part is you eventually have a rejuvenation of about 24 hours when you hit monster level 30 instead of waiting days to come back into existance. If you are that good at returning back to haunt your friends and foes, then I am highly encouraging to take a deity rank upon reaching that high of a level or at least shoot for it.

Rejuvenation will continue to decrease by 6 hours every 8 levels after monster level 30. In other words, level 30 is 4d6 hours, level 38 is 3d6 hours, level 46 is 2d6 hours and level 54 is 1d6 hours. Upon reaching level 62, assuming you even managed to reach that high of a level, the regeneration pretty much takes only 30 minutes with no further decreases when leveling up.

Here is a sneak preview of what is to come. When you reach level 62, again assuming that you are able to, youwill be regenerating in less than an hour, your spell resistance will be 67, you will have a +30 Turn Resistance, your hit dice will be 56d12 (672 hit points), base attack +7/+2 with an epic bonus attack of +21 (+28/+23 total).

LevelHit DiceBase Attack BonusFortitude SaveReflex SaveWill SaveSkill PointsSpecial
11d12+0+0+0+2(4 + Int Modifier) x 4feat, +2 Turn Resistance, Manifestation
21d12+0+0+0+3Corrupting Touch, Rejuvenation 5d6 days
32d12+1+0+0+34 + Int ModifierDraining Touch
42d12+1+0+0+3+2 Charisma, Rejuvenation 4d6 days
53d12+1+1+1+34 + Int Modifierfeat, +4 Turn Resistance, Frightful Moan
63d12+1+1+1+3Rejuvenation 3d6 days
74d12+2+1+1+44 + Int ModifierCorrupting Gaze, +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom
84d12+2+1+1+4Rejuvenation 2d6 days
95d12+2+1+1+44 + Int Modifier
105d12+2+1+1+4Rejuvenation 2d4 days
116d12+3+2+2+54 + Int Modifierfeat, magical radiance, +6 Turn Resistance
126d12+3+2+2+5spell resistance
137d12+3+2+2+54 + Int Modifier
148d12+4+2+2+64 + Int ModifierAbility score gain, cold resistance 10
159d12+4+3+3+64 + Int Modifierfeat, fire resistance 10
1610d12+5+3+3+74 + Int ModifierRejuvenation 1d4 days
1711d12+5+3+3+74 + Int Modifier+8 Turn Resistance
1812d12+6/+1+4+4+84 + Int Modifierfeat, Ability score gain, acid resistance 10
1913d12+6/+1+4+4+84 + Int Modifierelectricity resistance 10
2014d12+7/+2+4+4+94 + Int Modifier
2115d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifierfeat
2216d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifier+10 Turn Resistance, Ability Score gain.
2317d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int ModifierRejuvenation 1d2 days
2418d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifierfeat
2519d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifier
2620d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int ModifierAbility Score gain, +12 Turn Resistance
2721d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifierfeat
2822d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifier
2923d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifier
3024d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifierfeat, Ability Score gain, +14 Turn Resistance, Rejuvenation 4d6 hours
3125d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifier
3226d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifier
3327d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifierfeat
3428d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int ModifierAbility Score gain, +16 Turn Resistance
3529d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifier
3630d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifierfeat
3731d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifier
3832d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int ModifierAbility Score gain, +18 Turn Resistance, Rejuvenation 3d6 hours
3933d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifierfeat
4034d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifier
4135d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifier
4236d12EpicEpicEpicEpic4 + Int Modifierfeat, Ability Score gain, +20 Turn Resistance

Abyssal Skulker Monster Class

Alignment: Chaotic Evil.

Religion: Any.

-Racial Traits-

Starting Ability Score Modifiers: Dex +1, Cha -1

Speed: 40 feet

Darkvision: Up to 60 feet

Feats: Will start out with one feat. The next feat gained will be at 5th level.

Outsider Traits: If slain, it can only be brought back to life by true resurrection, miracle, wish, and limited wish since it has no actual soul. Raise dead or ressurection spell have no effect on it. This monster class is not considered a native subtype. Since he is not considered a native subtype, he does not require eating or sleeping but may if he so wishes to do so. He is able to breathe so may be subject to drowning and tiring.

Tanar’ri Traits: Immunity to electricity and poison.

Bonuses: It has +1 natural armor bonus at level 1 and a +1 size bonus. Claws 1d2. Starts out small sized and increases to medium size at level 7.

Lands: A skulker can pretty much live in any land as well as underground.

Automatic Languages: Common and/or Abyssal.
Bonus Languages: Celestial, Draconic and/or another language from the creature’s homeland.

Primary Abilities: Dexterity to avoid being discovered when hunting down enemies. Wisdom for discovering the location of scouts or spies.

Favored Class: Best Multiclass for the Abyssal Skulker is Rogue.
Bonus Feat: Weapon Finesse (claw)

-Class Skills-
Starting Skill Points At Level 1: (8 + Int Modifier) x 4
Class Skills: Hide(Dex) Listen (Wis) Move Silently (Dex) Spot (Wis)

-Class Features-

Telepathy: Starts out at 15 feet at level 1 and gradually goes up over time to 100 feet.

Summon Tanar’ri: You are able to summon other tanar’ri which is similar to the summon monster spell. The summoning only last 1 hour. The summoning will only succeed on a passing percentile roll. The character starts out with a 5% chance of success at level 1. You will be able to be summoned as well but not of your own freewill.

Resistance to Elements: You gain resistance to cold, acid and fire. The maximum resistance for all of them is 20.

He is able to start gaining standard class levels again after passing monster class level 7.

Usually walks on all fours, but is able to stand upright.

LevelHit DiceBase Attack BonusFortitude SaveReflex SaveWill SaveSkill PointsSpecial
11d8+1+2+2+2(8 + Int Modifier) x 4feat, telepathy 15 feet, summon tanar'ri at 5% chance, +1 natural armor bonus, size small, resistance fire 10
21d8+1+2+2+2resistance cold 10, Dexterity +4
32d8+2+3+3+38 + Int Modifierresistance acid 10, Wisdom +4, telepathy 40 feet, summon tenar'ri at 15% chance
42d8+2+3+3+3resistance fire 20
53d8+3+3+3+38 + Int Modifierfeat, resistance cold 20, Intelligence +3, telepathy 80 feet, summon tenar'ri at 25% chance
64d8+4+4+4+48 + Int ModifierConstitution +2
75d8+5+4+4+48 + Int Modifiersize medium, +2 natural armor bonus, lose +1 size bonus, resistance acid 20, Wisdom +5, telepathy 100 feet, summon tenar'ri at 35% chance
86d8+6/+1+5+5+58 + Int Modifierfeat, Summon tenar'ri at 45% chance
97d8+7/+2+5+5+58 + Int Modifier
108d8+8/+3+6+6+68 + Int ModifierAbility increase
119d8+9/+4+6+6+68 + Int Modifierfeat, Summon tenar'ri at 50% chance
1210d8+10/+5+7+7+78 + Int Modifier
1311d8+11/+6/+1+7+7+78 + Int Modifier
1412d8+12/+7/+2+8+8+88 + Int Modifierfeat, Ability increase, Summon tenar'ri at 55% chance
1513d8+13/+8/+3+8+8+88 + Int Modifier
1614d8+14/+9/+4+9+9+98 + Int Modifier
1715d8+15/+10/+5+9+9+98 + Int Modifierfeat, summon tenar'ri at 60% chance
1816d8+16/+11/+6/+1+10+10+108 + Int ModifierAbility increase
1917d8+17/+12/+7/+2+10+10+108 + Int Modifier
2018d8+18/+13/+8/+3+11+11+118 + Int Modifierfeat, Summon tenar'ri at 65% chance, telepathy 150 feet
2119d8EpicEpicEpicEpic8 + Int Modifier
2220d8EpicEpicEpicEpic8 + Int ModifierAbility increase
2321d8EpicEpicEpicEpic8 + Int Modifierfeat, Summon tenar'ri at 70% chance
2422d8EpicEpicEpicEpic8 + Int Modifier
2523d8EpicEpicEpicEpic8 + Int Modifier
2624d8EpicEpicEpicEpic8 + Int Modifierfeat, Ability increase, summon tenar'ri at 75% chance
2725d8EpicEpicEpicEpic8 + Int Modifierfeat
2826d8EpicEpicEpicEpic8 + Int Modifier
2927d8EpicEpicEpicEpic8 + Int Modifierfeat, summon tenar'ri at 80% chance
3028d8EpicEpicEpicEpic8 + Int ModifierAbility increase, telepathy 200 feet

I will add more monster classes gradually over time.

If you have any questions or comment, feel free to send me a message on google plus or facebook.

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