DnD Dungeon Tiles – An Absolute Need

Tiles Can Be Used for Anything

Believe it or not, I actually own a bunch of the tile sets that are for the Dungeons and Dragons game. Unfortunately, they are all still in my old home and plane tickets are costly for going back to get them. Basically, what I used my tiles for were dnd and creating a custom board game. When I say custom game, I mean I would turn the game into an arena and use miniatures from different role playing games. Then, I would make up my own rules and role the dice. I mostly did the competitions with my son.

I stopped playing the custom games because I got too busy with my full time job and they broke my son’s heart. I just wish I was able to spend more time playing them with my son again.

Tiles Are Maps Too

Tiles are not just useful for custom made games, but they can be good maps for those players who need visual aid. I remember using paper as maps when I played dnd with my dad many years ago. It was fun, but paper can be hard to read at times, gets torn easily, and the ink starts to smudge over time. Plus to top things off, it starts to turn brown when you use white paper. Probably why some dungeon master’s use yellow paper instead.

Tiles Are Better Than Paper

Well, tiles are much better as they are more firm and last longer. Plus, they are more colorful and give the player a feeling that he is actually there. So, I am going to go over one tile set which I actually own myself – even though it is another state. Kind of disappointing for me, but it will be great for you when you get.

Dungeon Tiles Master Set – The Dungeon: An Essential Dungeons & Dragons Accessory (4th Edition D&D)

Average Customer Rating: 4/5 Stars
Description: Useful tile set for any gamer’s dungeon. All tiles are square or rectangular shape with grids on them (useful
for counting movement or determining distance in battle). The tiles are made of cardstock.
Price: $13.98 New, $13.64 Used
Advantage: Has grids on the tiles (battle ready). Can be easily stored away for traveling (Just do not to forget to bring it like I did).
Disadvantage: It is probably not best for building a town that is set to be above ground. There are no actual pieces that stand up right (these are tiles after all).
Buy The Dungeon Tiles Master Set


I also want to point out it is not just a bunch of map tiles. It also contains other smaller tiles that are for items, beds, dinner table, fire, a rock slide, and coffins. The tiles are very useful for battle and dungeon setting, but they are a lot better with the other tile sets added to it.

If you need any assistance or wish to give me further information on the tile set, let me know. I am always available to help anybody that desires it.

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