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Dungeons and Dragons Meets Lego World

I remember many years ago my dad and I had attempted to try out the Dragon Mountain campaign which was designed for second edition. It was a rather fun experience. The campaign came with many maps in the game books as well as new monsters. It has been awhile so my memory of the game is not so perfect. I do however remember that the mountain would change its position frequently.

Well, I was recently browsing the internet and noticed that they now have legos for dungeons and dragons. I was like “Wow!” Yes, that really surprised me.

I remember when I was a kid I was limited to some medieval themes, the renaissance, and some futuristic scenarios. I use to play time travel and go from the future to the past. But man. If I had some sort of Dungeons and Dragons setup, it would have just made my day. Think of all the medieval stories I could have made with that.

By the way, I also noticed that some of the lego series are based on actual dungeons and dragons campaigns. They now have Dragon Mountain which is easily accessible. Other campaigns though are little more tedious to find. If all else fails, you can always just build your campaigns from scratch instead of an all out prebuilt set.

Lego Lord of the Rings setting has a lot of character types that can be integrated into a dnd setting.

Brace Yourself For This

I know this is slightly off topic, but I have also noticed that the there is now seemed to be a lego dungeons and dragons game for the wii u called Caslte Ravenloft. You should check it out sometime. I have not personally played it myself, but I am pretty sure it would be a fun game to play. There has been talk of creating a ravenloft console game, but nothing really happened. The picture I found of a Castle Ravenloft wii u game was made by a fan of the game.

Below I have put together some sets that should at least get you started on your lego journeys. Plus, these should make some really good Christmas gifts or birthday presents as well.

Just brace yourself because the list is a bit long. I am sorry but have a handful of lego sets is just not enough. Just for one campaign, you will need some castles, some monsters, and some player characters which requires more than just one or two boxes of legos.

Lego Castle Dragon Mountain – 70403

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Price: $42.99
Description: Now, just so you know that is a pretty good price. I found another vendor that was like over $100 and had only one stock. This one is good though as it has plenty in stock and a decent price. As like most lego sets, you will need to build your own stuff such as the tower and the catapult. This comes with a treasure chest, some fighters, a wizard, shields, and weapons. I guess the objective of this quest is to free the princess (typical quest).
It is for ages 6 to 12, so I guess adults are not allowed to use it. I just find that fascinating how they hardly ever put ages 6 and up. Just ignore that and start playing legos with your kid anyway.
Buy Lego Castle Dragon Mountain


LEGO Castle Forest Ambush

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Price: $10.00
Description: It has weapons, shields, treasure chests, and some warriors. It is for ages 5 to 12. I personally think $10 is pretty darn good deal.
Buy LEGO Castle Forest Ambush


LEGO Kings Castle

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Price: $84.30
Description: It has bows, crossbows, swords, a catapult. The castle is about 11 inches high and 13 inches wide. It is a good for those requiring warriors and archers. The base could use a little more stability, but overall it is a pretty awesome set to use.
Buy LEGO Kings Castle


LEGO – Minifigures Series 3 – ELF

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Price: $12.49
Description: This elf has a cape, a shield, and a bow and arrow. The ears attach to the hair. If you don’t like the elf just paint over it with gray somehow and paint the hair white. Drow elf right there. Sorry no paint suggestions as I am not a professional lego painter. The only thing I know about somewhat is painting miniatures (which has been about ten years since I did that).


New Lego The Hobbit Tauriel Elf 2″ Minifigure Loose

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Price: $7.99
Description: Hey, it is a pretty awesome price! Plus, it is a female fighter for once. Yes, it is an elf female. There is only one left, but there are 4 other hidden ones that are for lower price of $2.65. She is wielding two swords and is portrayed as being in the attack position. She looks kind of angry too. I guess women in battle just get down to business.
Buy Lego Elf 2″ Minifigure


Lego Skeleton with Wings – LEGO Halloween Minifigure

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Price: $9.99
Description: It is a skeleton with detachable wings. I mean the winged version could represent a skeleton creature from the outer planes. If you are into normal skeleton battles just remove the wings. The price is an ok price. It contains small parts not suitable for the very little ones (under 3 years old).
Buy Lego Skeleton with Wings


Robin Hood – LEGO Kingdoms Castle Minifigure with Cape & Hood, Bow, Arrow Quiver and Gold Pieces

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Price: $11.99
Description: This would be perfect for those trying to get a cloaked rogue type. I think it is pretty cool, but the price is slightly higher than I was expecting for just one figurine. This is not for children under 3 years of age.
Buy LEGO Minifigure with Cape and Hood


LEGO Castle Dwarves’ Mine Special Edition (7036)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Price: $230, but I did see some for a lower price of $199
Description: It has some dwarves, trolls, a giant troll, a catapult, and a minecart. The troll giant is about 3 inches tall. The characters have battle axes, a pickaxe, regular swords, special swords, shields, and a club.
Buy LEGO Castle Dwarves’ Mine Special Edition


A Tip For Using Lego Sets

Now, there is one thing I would like to point out that some people tend to overlook when building a lego set. Lego sets do not have to be limited to the diagram that comes with the boxed set. You can exchange building parts, swap body parts and thus create your own unique settings. Personally, what I would do with those shields and axes shown as being displayed on the Dwarf Mine is use them for my characters.

I am sure they look cool on the structure, but they would be of more use in the hands of the dwarves or the monsters.

If you need any assistance or desire to leave feedback, please leave a reply below or send me a message on google plus.

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