Dungeons and Dragons The Movie – Thief Is Really Jimmy Olsen

Get Ready for An Exciting Movie

Oh ya, you got it. I am talking about the super awesome dnd movie. It was great when it first came out in theaters and is still number one in the dungeons and dragons universe when it comes to movies. For those who have not seen it, you are really missing out on a really epic tale.

So if you were to pick the first movie or the second one? I would pick the first. The second dnd movie kind of put me to sleep on the first half and I was a little lost. Then stuff got good on the second half of it and I started to wake up. If you look at the first one though, I was awake the entire time. Ya, it was that good.

Spoiler time! Yes, it is definately time to go over the movie and ruin it for everyone. I apologize for the inconvenience. Will I spoil the ending? No, I will be at least that considerate for those who missed out.

Start of the Movie

The movie starts out with a thief (or rogue) who sees blood following down the river’s path. I do believe it was from a dragon too. I think it was blood or maybe it was fire. It is has been about a year since I saw the movie, so bare with me here. I am remembering a lot of this off the top of my head.

Due to some of the fighting sequences and animated violence, you may want to not have little children watching unless you are addicted to dnd and want to turn your kids into dungeon masters at an early age.

Thief is Jimmy Olsen

The thief is basically the main character with his friend who is funny and helps him out a lot. I do believe the so called thief is also Jimmy Olsen from the first season of Lois and Clark. Go Jimmy for turning into a thief character in dungeons and dragons! That is some awesome stuff. It is all good though. The actor did a great job playing the character in my opinion.

So off they go on their adventure searching for something and they come across a beautiful woman a long the way. All stories just have to have a nice looking lady. They go to some mage I think to find out what to do next.

Power of the Dragon Scepter

Eventually, they find out that they need to retrieve some dragon scepter that can like summon and control dragons. By the way, this occurs after he went through some thief test in a maze. And no, there is no honor among thieves – at least that is what he finds out.

After he retrieves the super awesome scepter, his best buddy dies. I know it is a very touching moment, but stories are kind of lame if a main character does not die. It adds more feeling to the viewer experience, so they can relate to the friendship bonded between the characters.

Off he goes to the top of a tower in the city and fights off some evil wizard who wants to have the dragons to take over the city and probably more areas while he is at it. You know bad guys. One little piece of land is just not good enough.

Does the hero win and kick the evil mage’s butt? Check out the movie below and find out for yourself.


Brief Summary of Dungeons and Dragons II

For those who would like to check out the sequel to Dungeons and Dragons, buy it below. Just to let you know the people who made the sequel actually did use the player’s handbook and dungeon master’s guide. The story was not all that perfect, but I will agree that they did take the die rolling aspect correctly. There were a lot of failing die rolls in it (a person gets an arm stuck in the stone for example). Movie should have been rated R due to an arm being cut off and other content not appropriate for children.

If you have any questions or comments about the movie, feel free to leave a comment below in my reply section.

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