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Before DnD Gaming

I apologize if I use the word we a lot in some of my posts on Facebook. It is a habit because when I originally created Kattner Games (my actual company outside of having fun with dnd gaming), I had one person working for me at the time. He no longer works for me though as you can tell. Family comes first. He left voluntarily, but personally to be honest I could not afford him as I was paying for him with my own paycheck from the warehouse.

Yes, that was not a very wise decision at the time, but I needed the help because I knew very little about web development (unlike now). Any way, the past is the past. The only thing we can do now is move forward and do the best we can. When I say we this time, I mean you and me.

All Are Part of My Team

Now, on my other site for Kattner Games, we means my family and friends that are voluntarily helping me out with Kattner Games or any of my sites for that matter. I know I handle most of the work alone, but when some one pitches in now and then if it is not officially working for Kattner Games, I consider them a part of my team. You do not have to be paid to be a part of a team.

Problems With Comments

So enough of my usual rambling. The point of this post is to announce my new facebook page. Check out the Dnd Gaming page if you are interested in communicating with other players as well as myself. I know I do keep asking people to leave comments below, but I tried to do it myself without being logged in and noticed it did nothing for some reason.

My only resolution if you are unable to leave a comment is either look for me in reddit or find my new page (or any of my pages for that matter) and leave a comment there. You can also reach me at google plus. I go there pretty frequently believe it or not.

Rules of Posting

So check out my new page and start some discussions. Unlike my Kattner Audacious Games page, I will leave it open for the world to talk about stuff. The only rule I have is keep it clean. No inappropriate content, no spamming, and keep the profanity to a super low. I personally do not like profane words myself, but that is not the reason. There are people of younger audiences going there that need to be shown some respect as well.

Now, when I say keep it clean, I mean do not say anything that may offend people. Also try not to act too condescending. I know that tends to be my weakness sometimes (not always), but we have weaknesses and they can be overcome. Treat people as equals and they will grow to respect you.

For example:

If I was to go up to some person in real life and say, “Newbie, newbie, newbie. You are such a newb. I do not want to play with a newb.” How do you think that person will respond? I think he would either smack you upside the head or run away crying (depending on the personality of course). Worse is he may come back with a vengeance. That is not good.

We are trying to create a partnership and bonding, not an enemy chart. Respect others and they will give respect back. Love returneth love. Anger gives back only anger (unless you are Jesus or one of his disciples).

I am a Christian for those who do not know. I believe in people being equal and loved; not the other way around.

Now, you all know the rules of facebook page. What you do there out of honor, I would hope you would carrying into your actual game sessions.

Return to the Life of Playing Games

Am I going back to gaming finally? Yes. I plan to play Neverwinter more often and share my experiences both there and here whenever possible. Even though I have someone trying to get me to move more towards Guild Wars 2. Still thinking about it.

If you need any assistance, feel free to give me a holler on facebook or google plus or (if you are able to) leave a comment below. I find having a login name, makes it work properly. I do have a subscriber status available to people who want to be apart of this community.

Your Fellow Gamer


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