Neverwinter First Time – Playing The Game

Creating Your First Character

On my last post, I discussed how to install the game and ended it when I was spending forever waiting for it to be patched. By the way, I waited 3 flippin’ hours for it to patch. Ya, ridiculous. So, today I am going to discuss the neverwinter character creation process and what to do in the beginning or at least explain it based on my first encounters.

So after hitting the play button (hopefully you do not have to do it twice like I did), it prompts me to select my server. So off I go picking Beholder. It looks like a cool name. No other reason considering the servers seem to have room for on all three of them.

Just as a recap for those who forgot, a beholder is a monster in dungeons and dragons that has one eye and some stalks on its head. It shoots out magic beams of a different variety depending on the species of beholder that you are encountering. Anyway, that is enough my usual side tracking. If you have played dnd, you should already know what a beholder is – I hope.

Ok, it now prompts me to pick a race, a class, and etc…. We all know the character creation process (if you do not, let me know). So, the upside of this process is it actually has dice rolling for picking your stats. The body is customizable. By default it has predefined parameters set for those who are impatient and want to start playing. I chose to manually create each feature of my character. This includes the wrinkles placed on his face.

Don’t get me wrong. I was tempted to pick a female because I just like how one looks, but I went with a guy. My first character always has to be male because I feel I am more closer to the game that way.

After you pick your character name, it is going to load up the area (or suppose to). In my situation, the game logged me out. I was like, “What?!” I restarted the game again and my character I made was still there. Thank goodness. After clicking play game, it continued where it left off and ran yet another movie.

Game May Be Inappropriate for Kids

That is another thing I wanted to point out. Some of the movies they play are not for kids. Rated Mature in my opinion. There is a lot of intense violence and blood (mostly in the movie clips). The game itself might be ok for a teenager; just not the movies. I am no official rater, so it is up to you if you have kids whether you want them to play or not. Some parents may not want their kids playing any violent game until the age of 18 (when they kick them out the house – maybe).

AI Very Helpful

Ok, so here I am. The game is very helpful with its handy dandy AI that speaks in a United Kingdom accent. It is fine with me. I was a little puzzled at first because I was expecting a different voice, but that is cool. As long as I have something or someone pointing stuff out for me, I do not mind what voice is there. I could be wrong though, it may have been Australian or something.

There are all sorts of foes in here and kind of like in Guild Wars 2, you have players that just pop in during your adventures. No invite needed. There is not much talking in the game though. When I mean talking, I mean socializing.

Wandering The City Streets

When I finally made it to the city after beating some massive monster that look like it came from the Abyss (probably did), I noticed how huge and active it was. It was amazing. I went from a place with just handful of players, to a city with too many people. Quiet world to an active world. Fantastic! It was somewhat sluggish due to the amount of players. My graphics card had trouble with it, but it was all good. I was still able to move around the city. It did not crash the game or anything.

This game is nothing like Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2. It is was more like a mix of Neverwinter Nights with Ultima Online in 3d. You would think at first, “Is this Everquest 2?” Once you wandering around for a bit, you will find it is far from that. I was pointing out Neverwinter Nights because it has actually building you can go inside of. Yes, you could do that in Everquest 2 also, but I am telling you it is not that game. The whole set up is actually built around the mechanics of Dungeons and Dragons. It truly is. It has your usual feats, attributes, and racial abilities.

When I walked the streets, that is when I got the feelings of Ultima Online. It was just how it was all set up. People wandering around doing there stuff, but there were actual player merchants. People selling stuff just like players did in Ultimate Online. The players have come up with their own market system in public. Sure they have a marketplace on the top of the screen you can click on, but to see people announcing stuff on a public channel…. That amazed me.

Yes, I finally figured out what lfg means. It took me playing tons of rpg’s to finally figure it out. Someone literally spelled it out and I put the two together. No, I did not ask the person. I just read it in the chat box. Lfg means looking for group. I am pretty sure a lot of players already know that, but for those who still remain clueless or are new to the system, there you have it.

Onward To Adventuring

I would go on about the game some more, but I had to quit just as I wandering through some passageway using my clercial powers of Selune. Yes, I chose a cleric. Remember, I prefer clerics, rogues, and paladins. Yes, during my journey through passageways, I noticed some items that require a rogue skill only.

Get Some Sleep

Just remember to go to bed on time. I use to have trouble staying up until six in the morning playing computer games, but now I have a cut off time to not go past midnight. I know I personally am not a morning person, but other people are and you got to show respect for the people you live with (if any).

If you have any questions or comments about this post, feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message in google plus or my Facebook page which is called Jakobs Dnd Gaming.

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