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look forward to waitingGame Looks Promising

Ok, I just set up my account, downloaded my file, and am about to test out Neverwinter. The preview movie seems to be appealing and it could better than the Dungeons and Dragons Online game out there. I saw the pictures as well and they look pretty awesome. Feel free to look for AudaciousJack if you ever get logged on and me to your friend list. I would love to play the game with you sometime.

Will I be playing it all day? Probably not. I still have to write articles for people (even though I prefer to program). I am just saying I like making games more than playing them, but that is ok. I know you have to put up with me whining about wanting to use my programming abilities.

Anyway, so back to topic. Sorry I get off track sometimes.

After setting up the account, I see a screen with previews of the game (and yes the automatic download happens whether you without you clicking a yes button). There are two options to either buy now or play now. Shoot I think I would prefer to play now.

Running The Arc Installation

Na, I am going to do run my installation file instead. Let’s see how that turns out first. So basically, it goes off and installs a program called arc. Whatever that is. Something about keeping in touch with fellow friends or something.

Make sure you uncheck automatically lauch arc when windows starts up. I find that having too many things at start up increases your wait time for even starting to do things on your computer. Plus, maybe you would prefer to manually start it yourself. What if you don’t want to use it on that particular day.

Next step is to wait for it to do an update. Pretty normal for most programs for a first startup. May occur again if they change some stuff later on down the road.

So I guess the Arc thing is for installing the game. Makes sense considering the download file I had was pretty small. I highly doubt that neverwinter is tiny game considering it is in 3d.

Getting The Dang Install Button To Work

I had tough time getting the install button to work. So if your install button is doing absolutely nothing in the way of downloading the game, close your Arc program. You will also need to go to the bottom right corner and right click on the small arc icon (that may get overlooked) and right click on it to select Exit. Arc needs to be completely closed out for this to work. Then, go to your start menu and run the arc program all over again. Log into your account via Arc and then the install button will be able to function.

You will know it is working fine when you see the text downloading underneath the game Neverwinter which is located in your library.

After you click play it will take a bit to initliaze the program and then it will do some odd things such as having a small box pop up tell you it is trying to update the launcher. It is normal for it to say it is doing a retry. Just be patient with it.

Getting the Login Button To Work

Now that you made it this far – I hope – you will need to log in to the actual game. Yes, I know what you are thinking. You already logged in. Just one of those small pain in the booty moments. Kind of redundant, but just go along with it anyway.

Yes, the launcher is screwy for some reason. Ok, so if the login button does not work on the actual neverwinter launcher and you click the button ten or more times, just give up and close the launcher (but not the Arc program). Click the Play button again and vwalah! Magic! It just starts logging you in without you typing your password in again.

Waiting For The Patching

So the step will be to wait for the darn thing to patch forever. What humorous times we live in. It think players put more work into the game than the programmers. Shouldn’t the players be getting paid instead? Just a little humor I thought I would throw out there.

Just so you know, I am typing this post as I am using the program. This is not something I am doing after the fact. Ya the patch is going to take awhile. I am now at 5%. I think the patch must be the actual game itself. I could have sworn downloading the game seems awfully too quick. It seemed almost as small as the flash game created for Kattner Games.

Yes, the patch must definitely be the actual game itself. No denying it.

This game may take me awhile to patch, so I will get back with you another post later. Just keep checking in on my website for further information.

If you need any help with installation please pay attention to what I did in the post or leave me a comment below.

Your Fellow Gamer


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