Baldurs Gate – Tutorial and Review

Castle TowerMake Sure The Game is Compatible

I am going to be perfectly honest on this one. I only played the first one all the way through, but the second one I only got past the beginning.

So, I am going to give you some baldurs gate help on the first one to start with, since I got to near the end until the game crashed on me – think due to compatibility issues. The game is playable on a pc running windows – especially for a windows xp or less. If you are using windows 7 I recommend going into compatibility mode to get it to run period or you can go the dosbox method – whichever is easier for you.

How To Level Faster

The game is pretty fun to play but it may take a few days to win it if you are playing legit (no cheating). Is it possible to level faster. Why yes it is. If the game feels like it is taking forever and ever and ever and ever and…. well you get my point… just play it without companions and go after the tough foes. Doing things the hard way any game tends to pay off with big experience and game cash (gold in this case).

Form Your Party

So, if you don’t mind taking it slow and easy, you can start forming a party by talking to people. Eventually someone will request to join the group. Yes, there is a way to cheat for forming a group, but I will discuss that later. If you can not get anybody, you can wait until you exit Candlekeep. At this point, Imoen will plead with you for you to have her in your party. That is fine, let her join. Then, later on down the road a warrior and a mage that are of evil alignment will request to join without you needing to ask first. Yes, some of the party members that join tend to be ones thankful for your good deeds (you helped them out) or ones who are just bored and want to be a part of an adventure.

Now that you have your small group, you now have the opportunity to wander around to different areas of the map. By the way, Elminster will bother you to while you walking a long roads. He will try to point you in the right direction. I personally tell him to go away and he gets angry at me. So, once you have been to a lot of places and you open up your map, you will notice that you click on the area itself without having to spend all day walking from place to place.

Description of Map Areas

Each area is composed of these things:

  • Forest
  • Castle
  • Streets
  • Towns
  • Circus (or Fair)
  • Ruins
  • Mines
  • Haunted Towers
  • Swamp
  • Rivers and the Sea
  • Houses

Changing Level Cap

The game uses rules from Dungeons and Dragons and the level cap is 7. It constantly teases the players with high level stuff that he can not even use – especially certain scrolls. There are third party programs out there than can remove this level cap. Another way of raising the cap is getting Tales of the Sword Coast.

To summarize this the game is a fun role playing game which can be very flexible when doing multiplayer mode or using cheats and custom content. Doing it legit is fine the first time around, but when playing it a second time around you may want to use third party stuff just for kick and giggles.

Cheating Baldur’s Gate 2 With Multiplayer

Now as of pertaining to Baldur’s Gate 2, it is an ok game to play if you do not mind starting fresh with nothing. Yes, if you transfer your character from Baldur’s Gate to Baldur’s Gate 2 it will pull of a Quest for Glory 4 maneuver. You will lose all your items that you worked hard getting in the first game. Is there a trick to this without using third party stuff? The answer is yes.

Add only one character via multiplayer mode. The items will be stripped which is fine. Save the game after it has started and exit. Load up the save game again and remove your character that has deleted items and readd him with the transfered version. Feel free to add the rest of your transferred party members as well. Walah! You have all your items you worked hard getting in part one. Trust me, you can work a lot of wonders by using multiplayer mode in just about any role playing game out there.

My Recommendations

If you do not already have the game, I recommend you get it via below. The below package has part 1 and 2 as well as the expansions. I recommend getting it used since that is cheaper. If you look at the ratings of delivery from shipments in amazon, make sure it is not below 95%. I personally pick companies that have at least 97%, but that is just me. Overall, I would give this game a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

I also included a links for Icewind Dale series (includes soundtrack from the game), since people who have played Baldur’s Gate like that also.

If you really are desperate to get your hands on everything all at once, you can get the Dungeons and Dragons Classic Anthology. One of the reviewers words about the anthology was “…gamers heaven!”

If you ever need assistance with the Baldur’s Gate series, be sure to let me know by leaving me a comment below. I would greatly appreciate it.

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